Daily Dose: ‘Hey Now Here He Comes’ by Belbury Poly

I’m going to straight away take the time to declare this song incredibly fun. Now, I can completely understand that it might not be the sort of fun that everyone is necessarily on board with, depending on how seriously you take yourself and the nature of your fun, but for someone like myself who has a deep appreciation of slight silliness, it’s a winner (unless instrumentals or flutes are not your thing). I’m so happy that jaunty prog rock is more prevalent, available and accessible than it was when I was younger, because I really feel like it’s the sort of music that’s good for the soul. Adjectives abound for this track, really; It’s goofy, it’s bouncy, it’s kind of glam rock? It’s the kind of tune that I imagine easily gets non-serious people like myself humming along with a “doo-doo-doo, dodoo” because we have limited willingness to restrain our occasional dopeyness. And why should we, when we have music like this to soundtrack it? For the record, Belbury Poly is actually a dude by the name of Jim Jupp, and this is from an album he put out last year called New Ways Out (27th May, 2016), which I may well have a rip through at some point when I deem I need a musical pick me up. Back to something with words now, although we’re keeping the weird bent a bit because frankly I’m enjoying myself too much with it to stop.


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