Daily Dose: ‘Deep Shelter’ by Noveller

Boring housekeeping note: I’m going to be spending a lot more hours doing formal work in the near future, so it’s quite possible that the speed and regularity of posts are affected. I’ll do my best.

On the lighter side, got a bunch of tunes that I’m pretty excited about coming up. This I like a lot, but I must confess, I’ve completely forgotten where I found it (I tend to stack songs to talk about up in advance to save time). It’s a logical continuation from our relaxation music escapades from last month, and also a direct link to yesterday, featuring as we do another talented solo female guitarist in Sarah Lipstate, who is Noveller. Just goes to show how two songs with that same description can have vastly different styles, but still both be relaxing and really enjoyable in their own ways. I’ve had this song on repeat for a couple of days now, it reminds me of the ocean (or the estuary, in my case) which I would guess is among many peoples favourite visual song based imagery. It’s taken from her eight studio album, A Pink Sunset For No One (10th February, 2017), which I had a blast through today and can recommend if you are a fan of atmospheric environmental instrumental music, it’s not all as sedate as this song, either, parts of it get around some. I had a real nice time with it. Anyhoo, from one instrumental track to another, this time with jazz hands.


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