Daily Dose: ‘Pasadelo Da Historia’ by Lula Pena

It’s time for my second Portuguese artist in just about as many weeks, and she is a seriously stunning performer. Plus, I’m enthused by the chance to listen to more European music, so I was really anticipating this a great deal. I heard her do an interview on Stuart Maconie’s show a while back and was somewhat enchanted by her, and she performed at the most recent Celtic Connections in Glasgow, which is a festival that I think I would really love to go to one year. This is the song that I first heard, and like a lot of her stuff, it’s fairly laid back and timeless, so be ready to have your chill engaged. It’s quite stark, being as it is an acoustic guitar number, but when your guitar and voice are this powerful why bother with any other weapons? Pena’s guitar playing really is majestic, sometimes understated,. I had the album that it is from, Archivo Pittoresco (27 January 2017), on in the background this evening, and it’s a lovely listen if you are in any way a fan of the acoustic guitar. You may enjoy it anyway even if you are aren’t, it has a lovely transient quality to it that made for a peaceful night.

On a related note, can we all agree that “world”, as you will see used as a classification for many songs including this one, is a completely stupid genre based terminology, even by the standards of most examples of its ilk? This is Fado, or traditional Portuguese music (with similarities to what we could folk), often with a mournful or melancholic vibe, associated sometimes with nautical and urban inclinations of its origin city, Lisbon. That provides pertinent information that someone could potentially make decisions based on. The term “world” does not. What, you mean it comes from the world, or just sounds vaguely foreign? Yes, that does sound idiotic, but that’s basically what you are saying if you use the term. Unless you are a marketing executive trying to sell records (and then you have bigger problems), please don’t.


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