Daily Dose: ‘Tour Du Monde’ by Aquaserge

Time for something a little bit quirky, in the form of avant-garde jazz rock. Aquaserge have a bit of a silly name, but they’ve been putting out their own rather distinct brand of music for over ten years now, before recently signing with a label and going “big-time”, which is great. Also they formed in Toulouse, so that’s neat (It’s a city I spend a lot of time near).
This is the first song on their debut full length release Laisse ça être (2nd February, 2016, according to the googlemind), and if you like you’re jazz a little bit rocky or your pop a little bit jazzy then it’s a must listen. Shoutout to the rhythm section on this one: The drummer and the bassist (and for a while one of the saxes) are putting in an amazing shift here keeping that amazing bottom rift flowing along for everyone else to get fruity around. Everyone else gets to have a fun time noodling about, but they are the backbone that keeps this whole shebang tomorrow. Despite the angular keyboards and prog elements, it still manages to sound very French, and that’s not just down the lyrics; the words are so sparse and faded that I can’t actually pick up on what’s being said (here’s hoping demonic incantation). The whole thing is erratic but still really groovy, and I’m a big fan. The album is top of my listen pile for this weekend provided I can get hold of a decent version of it.


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