Daily Dose: ‘Valhalla’ by Blind Guardian

Not talked about any metal for a while, so let’s mix it up some. Singer Hansi Kürsch was one of the many hundreds of guest artists on Ayreon’s most recent output, and I decided that I liked his voice at bit more than the usual spate of collaborators, so I thought I’d do some due diligence and check out his main group. Bling Guardian, which sounds like a job role that you would have to grow into but could truly make your own, are a German power metal band from Krefeld, West Germany that came about in the 1980’s. This is from their second album, Follow the Blind (24th October, 1989), which again, doesn’t sound that smart at first but I’m certain I could be talked into it. It’s more speed/thrash metal in nature than their later, more epic/classical influenced work, I guess in part due to some of the ridiculous heights of bands like Maiden and Metallica that had just happened. Anyway, this is great, I’m not beholden to eighties metal in anyway but I still love it, and to be honest all of their older stuff that I’ve checked out so far I’ve really enjoyed. Sure, singing about fantasy stuff will never really be cool (sorry guys), but honestly who cares, it’s still amazing fun. Also this has a slight garagey feel to it at points that works incredibly well, I’m usually happy when it sounds the production sounds like a bit of a scrap, but I find it often sounds terrible in metal. Here, it really works. I’m keen to see which I like better out of their earlier and later work, because so far this has been my jam.


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