Daily Dose: ‘Frederick’ by Patti Smith

You may not like all of Patti Smith’s music (I by no means love large chunks of it), but however you feel about that, she’s an absolute heroine and has one heck of a highlight reel. This is a really excellent rock song, and in my eyes it wouldn’t even come close to cracking her top five songs (I’d have ‘Glitter In Their Eyes’, ‘People Have The Power’, ‘Broken Flag’, Because The Night’ and ‘Free Money’ before this, and that’s without thinking too hard about it). It’s from her fourth album Wave, which is a strong contender for her best, containing this, ‘Dancing Barefoot’, and the aforementioned ‘Broken Flag’, which for my money is the best song she’s ever made, and easily in the top 100 greatest songs ever written. If you haven’t heard it, it’s a “listen to this before you die” type deal. Anyway, with a back catalogue like that, it’s easy to forget some of the other great bits and bobs she’s done, such as this track, which I’d semi-forgotten until I heard it on the radio recently. It remains a fantastic listen, to this day. You may well know the story: Smith wrote the song in dedication to future husband Fred “Sonic” Smith, a guitarist who later followed the great rock tradition of tragically dying young, at the age 45. The queen of punk rock is still fortunately with us, so let’s take as much time as we can to enjoy her in her majesty while we’ve still got her.


One thought on “Daily Dose: ‘Frederick’ by Patti Smith

  1. More than 30 years ago one of the first music reviews I ever did was of Patti Smith, which is pretty scary. I thought she was amazing then and haven’t changed my opinion since. Check out First Aid Kit doing Dancing Barefoot – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJkbShz3c9Q with Smith in the audience.Lovely. As for best album – well I still think Horses (to quote me from 30 years ago) was an explosion of an LP, and the quote at the start of Gloria still gets me. So many great songs.


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