Daily Dose: ‘Dog Eat Dog’ by Adam and The Ants

Look, new wave is a bit lost on me some of the time, I’ll happily admit that. What I do feel strongly is that low male voice choral parts and double drummers is a woefully underused pair of tactics in music. Particularly pop music, although I guess it worked out for The Clash on ‘Bankrobber’ (even though that’s reggae, really). The Ants went all on it on here, and boy does it make for a great listen. Throw in a splash of the explosive panache and campness that they were known for and we have ourselves a winning formula. It was the opening track on their second album, Kings of the Wild Frontier (3rd November, 1980), or better remembered as the time when when they were getting really good. Actually, there’s a bit of backstory around this record to unpick: the original band that formed around Adam Ant had all been apparently convinced by Malcolm McLaren to depart and form Bow Wow Wow (or so the story goes), so his new writing partner for this album was the highly regarded guitarist Marco Pirroni. There appears to be some debate over which of them was the true spark behind the subsequent impressive run of form, but the most likely (and boring) answer is that it’s probably somewhere in the middle, and we’ll never really know for sure anyway. Anyway, I feel like it was a win for the dynamic duo and a loss for the Bow Wow Wow crew, so in the grand scheme of things it worked out well. It shows off that two drummer Burundi beat that the band made something of a trademark, and was the band’s first top ten hit (bet you would have guessed ‘Antmusic’ or ‘Stand and Deliver’ for that one, right? This is a better song than both of those, anyway). Really fun tune.


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