Daily Dose: ‘Fig in Leather’ by Devendra Banhart

I hope this song isn’t 100% serious, because if it is it’s frankly rather sinister. At first I assumed it couldn’t be, but repeated listens have me worried. I saw one commentator compare it to Flight of the Conchords and that’s a fantastic suggestion because it implies some sense of humouristic self-awareness outside of ironic presentation. I like the song, even if it fairly creepy with its somewhat predatory vibes, for its implication that whatever suaveness our lyrical protagonist has is countered by his noticeable incompetence: ‘did I mention have a seat?’ is a top line in my eyes. It’s taken from an album called Ape in Pink Marble (23rd September, 2016), and if you like well-practised and intricately put together alternative/indie folk, then check it out, I can certainly see why it’s getting some attention, although it doesn’t seem to have done as well as his last album commercially. Maybe the world isn’t ready for pastiches this subtle of the smooth debonair male stereotype, it seems like it might still be a little close to the bone. It’s certainly got a sophisticated groove to it to match the almost 70’s folk crooning vocals and lyrical content, and it’s probably my favourite thing I’ve heard by him, so I’m choosing to view it through the prism of humour for fear it be ruined for me.


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