Daily Dose: ‘Walking On The Moon’ by The Supermen Lovers

Like yesterday, it’s another disco revival inspired tune. These do seem to be the ones I latch onto from a selection, clearly I just want to be back in the seventies/a nightclub/a bad television show, but since I can’t, I’ll have to make do. There’s more than a slice of Daft Punk about this track, as there almost invariably is with anything from the French house tradition, but there’s enough of an individual spin on it to make it sound distinct, predominately provided by the vocals, which are a bit more regular than most Punk offerings. I’ve not heard anything by The Superman Lovers (does it refer to people who love superman, or lovers who are super men?), but it transpires that it is just one dude called Guillaume Atlan and he’s been pounding the tables for a fair while now. This is good fun, although my personal highlight is the slightly bizarre heavily modified sax solo towards the end, which actually I could do going on for a bit longer, although I figure it might be a bit weird for some people who just want to get their funk on. Anyway, couple of redux disco tracks that while similar, are fairly different from each other. To be honest, I don’t think either of them will really stick with me too much, they lack the sheer intrigue of something like Plaid, say, but they’re both enjoyable tunes and showcase some of the variety in the genre, which is always neat.


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