Daily Dose: ‘He Is The Voice’ by The Black Madonna

It’s time for a tasty jam, from a fantastic DJ who’s just starting a London residency. It’s her first piece of original production since 2013, and it’s a bit of a slow burner. It opens with an elegant bit of piano noodling, before a string section and some percussion get involved at one and a half minutes in, working us over with that smooth crescendo that’s really just a big tease before the hook kicks in. There’s a little piano trill at about three minutes, and then we’re off at three thirty when the bass drops, and everything is flying. It’s a really solid piece of anticipatory production that leads us neatly into seven minutes of just exceptional groove, provided you’re a fan of the funk/disco revival (and who wouldn’t be). If repetitive focus in electronic music doesn’t do it for you then this is unlikely to change your mind, but for everyone else it’s a fun journey into retrospective bouncy overdramatic joy. It’s not going to have enough variance or standout moments for some people, and I can understand that, but not everything has to be constantly pushing the envelope all the time. Its solid work, and I’ve enjoyed listening to it every time I’ve heard it. Up next, more dance music, because I clearly need a bit more of it in my life.


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