Daily Dose: ‘Prinzregent’ by Hans-Joachim Roedelius

This is a bit more involved and intense, and is probably more my scene in terms of its electronic nature and definite weirdness. I don’t find it nearly as relaxing as the Laraaji, it’s more reminiscent of a sci-fi journey or bizarre kaleidoscope, but it did get my flowing around in my chair with relative ease which is a point in its favour. It probably also helped that the sun came out while I was listening to it, that’s an easy positive mental association to get attached to, but it did make for a lovely warm combination. It featured on an album called Selbstportrait, which quite literally means Self-portrait and was released around the beginning of the eighties, although it was recorded from 1974 to 1977 (Wikipedia cannot agree with itself when this was released, which is always a fantastic sign. It has both 1979 and 1981 listed. Google thinks 1979. Your guess is as good as mine). What an exciting time that must have been to be involved in avant-garde ambient music and the new age scene in general, I think. Roedelius was no greenhorn, having been involved with the hugely important Krautrock scene as a part of Cluster and other projects, but what a fun experience it must have been to push the envelope musically back then in a bunch of different ways, all at once. This was his third solo album, sand it’s easy to hear stuff that he was doing in the freaking seventies influence modern techno. Not bad going, I’d say.


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