Daily Dose: ‘Meditation 1’ by Laraaji

Relaxation time! The daytime show had a relaxation hour a while back with a series of meditative pieces, and I loved it so I’ve picked a few to talk about here. I quite often have something “relaxing” going on in my headphones when I’m not trawling through music or radio, whether in the form of a gentle voice, soft music, or anything that is a bit soft. This is not necessarily because I want to be relaxed per se, (I normally and doing something else at the same time, which can sometimes be fairly intense) but I certainly want to be mellow, because that usually puts me in a good mood, and why wouldn’t I want to be in a good mood? Anyway, I love this. When the silent break happened (and again at the end) I very much had a moment of “aw, is that it?”, which is pretty impressive for a piece of music that is nineteen minutes long. Keeping me involved for that length of time without me losing my focus is pretty impressive. This is from an album called Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (1980), which was produced by Brian Eno, who is probably drawn to the world of ambient world music like a moth to a flame. That’s right, it’s another Eno collaboration! Laraaji, for the record, was born Edward Larry Gordon in Philadelphia, which is not exactly the sort of background you would associate with this music, and seems like a pretty cool dude, as far as New Age musicians go. Also, the zither is a great instrument (there’s a bit of dulcimer getting involved here as well) and I could listen to it all day, especially when it’s played as beautifully and carelessly as this.


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