Daily Dose: ‘Born To Run’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Legendary original artist, fabulous cover, culturally seminal band. I could stop there, but honour dictates I fill some more space here so I’ll talk a little bit about how this cover is great, and that’s coming from someone who has a decent amount of appreciation for the boss and his impact. That bass, those drums, Holly’s voice, that finale! It’s all fantastically exciting, and the song takes to the glorious campification that FGTH provides perfectly, even if the overt over-the-topness might not do it for some. For everyone else, look it up, throw it one, crank it up, because that’s what I’ve done this morning and at no point did I regret it. It featured on, you may not be surprised to hear, Frankie’s debut album Welcome to the Pleasuredome (29th October, 1984), which might be one of the most important albums in terms of identity ever released that no-one really talks about very much, probably because people had seen most of the key songs already and a lot of the rest was covers or dominated by Trevor Horn’s production. Regardless, this track is on there and it’s fantastic, if you like the idea of synth power pop then this will go down a treat. Even if you don’t you may like it anyway provided you haven’t been wholly consumed by cynicism yet. Bonus fun fact: lead singer Holly Johnson was part of the Big In Japan reverse supergroup (along with people like Ian Broudie, Bill Drummond and Budgie) which was an interesting phenomena all by itself, and presumably where he honed his fantastic and multifaceted skills in the noble arts of flamboyancy, dramatic vocals, and acting really camp.


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