Daily Dose: ‘He The Colossus’ by Wild Beasts

Ah yes, I’ve found the song from Boy King (5th August, 2016) that will pull the usual trick of making me think I like a Wild Beasts album more than I do. I didn’t mean to pair this and The Gift together like I did, they just found their way next to each other on my big list of things to listen to and it worked, it worked for me so very perfectly. Everyone has sets of lyrics that speak to them, and these talk to me in their single minded crude dismissal of the entire universe, something of an ego trip and then some. Sure, it’s beyond seriously self-absorbed, but so am I sometimes, so it works for me. Plus, following on from the mania theme, now we get to see the darker, more sinister side of things that’s never very far away from the high spots. It’s another one that I’d love to see in a movie or something similar, and as I stomped around Hull earlier on it made for a fantastic personal soundtrack. It yelps with misplaced power and terrible decision making, all things that bring me a kind of perverse joy when I am afflicted with them in my life, and mild despondency when I see them affect others. Barely contained impotency and rage are probably not good things, but when combined with twisted emotions it sure as heck makes for an engaging package, and that is what this song basically is, an involving electronic faux-masculine rant. I think it’s ace. Pretentious and egotistical, for sure, but certainly seriously engaging.


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