Daily Dose: ‘Clinic Hope’ by The Gift (feat. Brian Eno)

Eno Collaboration! I’ve listened to this a bunch of times now (It was one of two tracks that I had cycling for a large portion of my walk today) and I think it’s absolutely great. Jangly keyboards are still firmly en vogue in my book, even if some people think that sounds a bit cheesily happy. Speaking of which, this song is frantically upbeat, but it’s tinged with a sense of mania in parts that keep it from becoming too kitschy and imply a kind of frenetic darkness to me that I’m really appreciative of. It’s still fun and joyous, but it’s not trying to be perfect, which I’m grateful for. I knew absolutely nothing about The Gift before hearing this, so I did some research: they are a four piece from Lisbon (which is fantastic, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a Portuguese band before), they’ve been going for over ten years, and they’ve released a solid handful of albums in that time (I think six, but Wikipedia is claiming five. On such things do wars start). There’s another Eno collaboration floating around called ‘Love Without Violins’ (top shelf pun, like applause worthy), which I will be consuming with all haste, as well as the album when it presumably appears. As for this song, well, do you like dreamy synth pop at all? Get a load of this, it is exemplary, simple as that. I’ll never get tired of music that is euphoric and fun, albeit in a slightly unhinged way. This brings us onto the track that I paired it with, which is…some of those things.


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