Daily Dose: ‘Beginning’ by The Durutti Column

Catch up session today, as far as is possible. Really short and sweet little track next, but I will never shy away from a chance to rant about The Durutti Column because Vini Reilly is a magician and his instrumental work is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. The fact that it’s so under-publicised in a lot of quarters is something of a crime. ‘What Is It to Me (Woman)’ is one of the more hauntingly beautiful sounds ever made, and this brief track reminds me of all the things I love about that, just presented in a simpler, stripped back package. It was released seven years prior, on their debut album The Return of the Durutti Column (good name, January 1980), and of course was not the opening track, instead serving as the first song on “side two”. This was before long time collaborators Bruce Mitchell and Keir Stewart joined Vini in the band, but the key component was ever present and never more so starkly showcased than in this track: the evocative, emotional guitar work of Reilly, not to mention his wizardry with effects, and it’s near spiritual effect. Without wanting to get to wishy-washy in my description, very few instrumental tracks that I like make me want to do anything other than kick arse, whereas this, and Reilly’s other work, manages to create introspection pretty easily, which is fairly impressive for a little two minute throwaway track comprised of a little guitar hook. The whole album is great, and if you like it when your post-punk gives you that wistful, melancholy feel, I’d strongly advise you to check it out.


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