Daily Dose: ‘The Architect’ by Jean-Michel Jarre and Jeff Mills

There is Jean-Michel Jarre, and then there is everybody else. The fact that he is still only 68 blows my mind, as he looks about 30 years younger and supremely suave whilst doing so, and it feels like he’s been around for about forever. Maybe it’s a french thing. Jeff Mills is a pretty decent running mate to have as well, he’s got some previous. Any collaboration between the two is probably going to be pure gold, so it was pleasantly surprising that this didn’t at all sound like I would expect it to from such a work, instead taking on a more mechanical, regimented vibe. It featured on Jarre’s album Electronica Vol 2: The Heart Of Noise (6th May, 2016), the second part of that duo also starring Electronica 1: The Time Machine (16th October, 2015). As you might imagine, they were a bit of an event, with all manner of collaborators of prominence, because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to work with JMJ? This track has a neat added bonus, which is the chance to hear Jarre and Mills talking a little bit about the inception in a bit of behind the scenes action. He’s always an engaging guy to hear talk, since he basically is walking music history made life, and this is no exception. Anyway, this tracks a little bit spooky but not too much, and has enough of a release to it that it’s still a pretty euphoric listen, at least to my ears. Sci-fi dystopia movie, you have found your soundtrack.


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