Daily Dose: ‘Emotional Content’ by Funk D’Void

Funk D’Void was born in Glasgow, (and his real name is Lars Sandberg) but you can tell pretty quickly where he was most popular, because the first Wikipedia page available for him (at the bottom of the first page of search results, no less) s from German Wikipedia. Despite my love for the country and its music, I do not speak German. This is from his third album, Volume Freak (23rd February, 2004), which I heard so long ago I can’t really remember very much about, to be honest with you. I would strongly recommend you check out his own remix of this track though, because it’s sublime. Based on this and what I’ve re-listened to from the album, I’m starting to have the idea that it was maybe just ever so slightly ahead of its time, in my humble opinion. Guys like Martyn owe Mr. D’Void a debt for the extended subtle journey style of production, although there’s enough house trips and tropes in there so you don’t completely forget that this was the early 2000’s when the world still had so much left to disappoint us with. It gets about, and it has a lovely full, friendly sound to it, and I’m a big fan, even if it is just starting to sound the slightest bit dated. Fans of odd house, get in there.


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