Daily Dose: ‘Bouncing Back’ by Mystikal

Early 2000’s hip hop! Saying it was a mixed bag is probably being overly generous, but it did give us gems like this one, which is kind of a guilty joy of mine. It’s from an album called Tarantula (4th December, 2001) which was his fifth album, and can I just say that it is a triumph that he got to that many, and also his last to date. It’ll probably stay that way as well, unless he somehow works out how to be a halfway decent human being (he’s had some fairly well-documented trouble with the law). Still, Mystikal (real name Michael Lawrence Taylor) has got some killer delivery going on during this record. Oh sure, he’s still got the tendency of rappers from that era to bark like a dog from time to time, but view that as a quaint anachronism of the time that should be left behind and it becomes easier to digest (DMX was a bugger for doing this as well, along with the other main tendency of that era that should be discarded, harassing gay people). Also of note was a young Pharrell Williams providing some vocals and one half of the production duties through their duo The Neptunes. Anyway, it’s something of mild interest and variety, from a man whose most famous song is ‘Shake Ya Ass’. How romantic.


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