Daily Dose: ‘Opus’ by Eric Prydz

As of day of writing, there’s some sort of commercialised ritual taking place today, so I have something special lined up for that later if I can get through to it, don’t you worry.

For now, what could be more romantic than the name Eric Prydz, whose moniker if you are of a certain age conjures memories of That One Video. You know, the one for ‘Call On Me’, because nothing is more romantic on a day like today than staged sexy female aerobics. Against my better judgement I will link it, but maybe give it a miss if you’re at work, yeah? What is actually really neat about this song, once you get past all the emotion of today, that Prydz apparently stopped playing the track in order to distance himself from it, I guess in order to give his newer stuff some space. Luckily, at least based on my opinion (and Jean-Michel Jarre’s, whose counts for a bit more) his newer stuff rocks, makes exceptional use of space, and can more than hold up on its own, at least based on this track (which is ace). He released his first album (a full twelve years later on from The Aforementioned Video) also titled Opus (5th February, 2016), which looks like an absolute beast of a progressive house album at over two hours long. I’ll try and get to it at some point, but no promises. This track is a god window inside what I suspect the album to be like: nine minutes of carefully measured ebb and flow crafted around one devastatingly simple hook. Its fantastic dance music, and preferable to the nu-house of the nineties by some margin. Good on you Eric, for being the metaphor for the rejection of senseless vapid sexuality in exchange for something more complex.


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