Daily Dose: ‘Tangents’ by Simian Mobile Disco

Jean-Michel Jarre is a fan of this track, and that’s good enough for me as a starting point, as well as the fact that Simian Mobile Disco are basically great. ‘Audacity of Huge’ remains an absolutely essential song, while the album this track was taken from, Whorl (9th September, 2014), was sneakily very good without getting too much fanfare. I really like this track, gradual, single-minded crescendos have a special place in my heart, as they clearly do with master of modulation Jarre (more on that later). It’s harder to do a emphatic, organic build up in an electronic track than people make it look, and while there are still moments where the feeling is very much one of “oh damn it is about to go down” (like when the hi-hats kick in), everything crafted here still manages to feel natural and mysterious. I’m not beholden to analogue production in anyway, but it does absolutely have a certain quality to it that conjures up subtly different feelings or emotional states. It helps that SMD are pros at it.

One final point on Simian Mobile Disco: their most recent album, Welcome to Sideways (11th November, 2016), was….weird. I listened to the whole thing on one of my many long bus journeys, and found the experience really hard to quantify. I didn’t mind it, and I appreciate that they’re going way out there with what they’re doing in terms of soundscape based experimentation, but I didn’t really catch onto any of it particularly, which makes it a bit tricky for me to talk about. Maybe I’ll get back to it at some point and the second listen will be the rapturous one.


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