Daily Dose: ‘Tether’ by Plaid

Time a big electronic bent that will take us through a few days, courtesy of picking up Nemone’s end of year recap show. If electronic music offends you somehow, feel free to skip out on the next few tracks. If not, because that is clearly lunacy, let us proceed.

I’ve not been why about my opinion that Andy Turner and Ed Handley are among the best in the business: their most recent release The Digging Remedy (10th June, 2016) was a highlight in the IDM scene last year, and there were a couple of tracks from it that gently eased their way inside my head with their pleasant probing and eerie ambience. They have consistently followed a positive, upward trajectory since they’ve been working together, which is always a great thing to see in music. This is from the preceding, eighth LP, Reachy Prints (19th May, 2014), which I admit I’ve not heard all the way through (I’m going to fix that early next week), but if it’s as good as the tracks I’ve heard so far, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. This tune has got a wonderful friendly, light quality to the more melodic sections, which contrasts with the natural sounding, almost animalistic lower end dominated parts (at about 1:10 in and just before the end). These bits sort of sound like how I imagine a manatee would do if it was trying to lay down a tasty bass line. I guess it’s still techno, but it’s not aggressive or difficult at all, and it left me in a great mood to start off with, which is more than I can ask for.


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