Daily Dose: ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’ by Belle and Sebastian

A friend of mine has recently discovered Belle and Sebastian, which is great, because Belle and Sebastian are on point. I think this is the first time I’ve written about them here, perhaps in part because they are such a beloved fixture of the indie rock scene, and perhaps partly because I came to them very late, comparatively. In particular, my friend has cottoned onto ‘I Want The World To Stop’, which is one of the better songs ever made, no doubt. However, this is the nice little track I’ve heard most recently (until I look up the aforementioned other song again) and is a bit more unknown, so let’s go with it. It’s from their second EP of the same name, released in 1997 (28th July, 1997, to be precise). Chronology wise, that’s still about a year before they released The Boy With The Arab Strap and became huge, and about thirteen years before they released ‘I Want The World To Stop’, so you could argue that they’re still working it out at this point. It sounds freaking great though, and the whole EP is under twenty minutes long so you could do far worse things with your time. They recorded it in a church hall, it features Monica Queen on guest vocals, it’s got the usual pleasantness that you’d expect from a Belle and Sebastian song and all in all is just really great work. Good job, gang. Next up, something a bit more out there.


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