Daily Dose: ‘Now That The Love Has Gone’ by Smoove and Turrell

Valentine’s Day is coming up this month, so how about a song about the entropy of all good feeling? It’s quite upbeat about that though, which makes it a great reflection of how I feel about Valentine’s Day and all the other commercialised non-holidays that exist. This has been self-described as Northern funk, which I’m taking to be a cross of funk and modern northern soul, and that pretty much sums up the sound about as well as I could, proving that self-assessment is sometimes the best assessment. They hail from the North East England, the birthplace of the northern soul movement in the first place, and have released four albums, including the one that this song features on, Crown Posada in 2016. I don’t know exactly what that translates to, due to Spanish being a fickle language that I have no business with outside of comedy, not to mention google translate being horribly inconclusive, but will tell you that when I accidentally searched “posado” instead of “posada” in google all that came up were a lot of pictures of women in bikinis, which I’m taking to mean that Smoove and Turrell are big hits with the ladies. My hypothesis is supported by the fact that this is the kind of catchy easy going funk that would be good for romancing, I imagine, provided you can overlook the message. If you like jaunty tunes and good times, then you’ll get on with this.


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