Daily Dose: ‘Sisyphus’ by Toothless

Ed Nash’s old band, Bombay Bicycle Club, were capable of moments of extreme distilled brilliance occasional not quite matched with the consistency required to take them from “really good” to “really great”. It’s certainly become apparent that Ed was not a reason holding them back, because his new songs under the Toothless moniker have been at worst intriguing and at best really quite lovely. The album, The Pace Of The Passing, just came out (27th January, 2017), and is further proof that bassists are far more talented than everyone gives them credit for, by which I mean it’s a pretty good listen. The Greek legend inspired ethos is a nice change without being overly forced, and even if the lyrics for the most part don’t shock and wow, they fit the spacious, often introspective nature of the music just fine. ‘Terra’ is still the best thing on it, although I think this track is actually really clever, and I like ‘The Midas Touch’ as well, because pleasant repetition can be an almost spiritual thing if done right. If you ain’t a fan of Bombay Bicycle Club, this is unlikely to change your mind. If you are, there’s a good chance you like this. This song (and the album) are an interesting enough listen for forty minutes that there exists scope for opinions in the middle, as well. Decent indie electronica still has a place for me, and that’s exactly what this is. He’s playing Leeds in March and I’m somewhat tempted, but I’m not sure I could convince anyone to make the trek over with me, as I’m pretty much the only person in my immediate friend group who likes navel gazing enough to be into this kind of dream folk. Clearly I need to hang out with more hipsters.


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