Daily Dose: ‘Great Beauty’ by Sundowners

Got a trio of really thrill tracks today, starting with this new release from the current scouse holders of the “unpredictable interview” crown, the Sundowners (note: not a real award). The psychedelic prog guitars and cinematic song design remains, but as before, it is all about those sick harmonised vocals. They’ve got a new album in the works, slated for early this year, which I’m really looking forward too. They also need to sort their online presence out a bit, as they already make it hard for themselves by picking a name shared with a 196’0s rock and roll band, and band facebook pages are always less use than you’d think for finding out information about a subject. Maybe it’s because they’re zeroed in on making the music, which still sounds great, like a cross between Jefferson Airplane and Purson designed for lovers of the modern progressive sound, but with minimal amounts of the flourish, staying couched in psych rock for its structure and aesthetic. I really like this song, and I’m really interested to see how much it and the album stick with me throughout the year. Depending on how creative and different they got with it, I feel like it could be this year’s Palace Winter, the standout rock/pop album of the year that proves that guitar-bass-drums-vocals can still be absolutely magic if you give them a chance to be. Sooner or later, time will tell.


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