Daily Dose: ‘Tescoland’ by Jamie T

This is very Clash, isn’t it? I love Jamie T’s constant evolution of sound throughout the years, starting out at the more hip hop of Panic Prevention (29th January, 2007), to the more indie rock/rap Kings and Queens (which has some really nice turns on it, 7th September, 2009), to the alt-rock/bit of folk Carry on the Grudge (which is really good, 29th September 2014) to his latest punk sounding release, Trick (2nd September, 2016), which this is from. Even if you don’t like all the sounds, I appreciate someone who makes what they want at the time and moves and shifts over time. Here, he’s doing his best Mick Jones impression, and it’s one of the better takes on the clash sound that I’ve heard as part of the post-punk revival. I’ve seen some commentators claim that this song is about Jamie never really breaking America; for those who don’t know, Tesco is the major supermarket chain in the UK (like Wal Mart I guess, but with groceries, some measure of social and corporate responsibility, and not quite so flipping depressing). By that regard, I guess, this could be taken as something a grim bit of slang for the UK, which to be fair, is more and more of a grim place these days. Good song though, for the drinking smoking left behind youth of the UK.


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