Daily Dose: ‘Giving In’ by Saltillo

Got sent the album this is from as a recommendation, so went through the whole thing; it is a project by American multi-instrumentalist Menton J. Matthews III. I think that said album, Ganglion (2006), is very proficient, and I like the busy drums a lot, but as a whole I think it is perhaps slightly too mechanical for me. Bits of it do sparkle, however: ‘Remember Me’ is very solid background “do stuff” music, while ‘A Hair on The Head Of John The Baptist’ was probably the track that stood out the most to me, but I could have done without quite so many Shakespeare samples at the start. Sure, I get that its art, but that main hook is so good that it’s a shame to not be using it, and those drums need as much space to work as possible. I picked this track because I think it’s the best actual “song” on the album, with its down-tempo drums complimenting the pretty vocals and piano nicely. Matthews is a big fan of the strings, and they’re splashed liberally around the whole record, sometimes overtly, sometime subtly. Here, they manage to do a bit of both, which is nice. All in all, I wouldn’t pick up the album as a go-to, but if you like your electronic sample based multi-instrumentation to be clever in its design, you may well get something out of it.


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