Daily Dose: ‘Spoiler’ by Baloji

Really high quality French language hip hop exists, it’s just not always the easiest to find. This is such a song, and that’s great because it helps me fulfil two quotas instead of just one, which is my kind of efficiency. This song does a fantastic job of staying out of its own way and not getting overly fancy with what is a swell tune and solid flow over the top of it. Even if rap ain’t your bag, you’ll probably like this a little bit, because it’s just a groovy fun pop tune which is fantastic dance music. The lyrics are fab as well, which may not be much help to non-French speakers (mine isn’t good enough to follow song lyrics, I can assure you), but luckily there is a helpfully provided video that has subtitles, which I think should be mandatory in all parts of life. Baloji is a Belgian rapper, MC and hip hop artist of Congolese origin whose been around this game for a while now (he’s pushing forty), and that experience seems to have relaxed him out somewhat because everything about this track and production is smooth as silk. It’s from an album entitled 64 Bits & Malachite, (fantastic name), which I’m guessing has had different releases in different places, because I’ve noticed that Google appears to be arguing with Wikipedia about when it came out (I’m going to side with the evil empire of google on this one, so 4th November, 2016). I might see if I can find that and fire it up at some point, because stuff that’s different and unique is always worthy of attention. Plus, I like dance music.


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