Daily Dose: ‘Journey Through The Asteroid Belt’ by The Comet Is Coming

Another belter from the highly touted Channel The Spirits album, probably my favourite from the album. It’s a bit less manic than most of the other fare presented, and I know that I’m a bit late to the party to be revisiting it now, but listening to it in the right mood is such a transcendent experience that I deemed it well worth going back and talking about it a bit. Today, I’ve been using it to keep me focused, relaxed and driven while I perform the task that I perhaps hate the most in this world: applying to jobs. If you’ve ever had to experience the fury that is manually inputting every bit of information about exams you did over ten years ago, you will begin to understand the awesome power of this tune to keep me from killing someone. Seriously, four hours later and I feel pretty great, it really is that incredible. I’ve seen at least one commentator compare it to a cross between Colosseum and Ozric Tentacles, and I really like that characterisation, I feel like The Comet Is Coming could be the Ozric Tentacles for my (or a younger) generation, if they can keep up the level of intrigue and diversity in their work going forward. If you like really high quality instrumental music that’s jazzy but not in an intimidating way at all, (and has a bass/synth line that is delightful) then this is a must listen. Wind it up and get spaced.


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