Daily Dose: ‘Venya from Venice’ by Ed Schmidt

I’ve been sitting on this for about half a year, but it got lost in the shuffle until now. The reason why it was sent to me in the first place? My cousin is called Venya, and it may be the only song I’ve seen that makes reference to that name in the title. She is not from Venice, although perhaps it would be good for her to visit. Anyway, Edmond Schmidt is from Canada, of German and Irish origin, and grew up around Toronto, before falling into some description of romanticised wandering troubadour/minstrel type lifestyle. This is all very well, but idle happenstance is a cruel mistress for sure, and preys upon the unlucky and unfortunate, of which there do not appear to be any present in this song. It’s from a record called No Commitments Except Those Created By Chance, which is a fairly wordy title for an album and was made in 2011. Actually, based on what I’ve heard and read of the man so far, wordy would be a good description of our Ed, but I suppose if you’re travelling around trying to make what passes for a living on the back of your music you have to be able to craft a good spiel. Nothing wrong with this tune as a little country number, even if it won’t set the world on fire, and I’m always very happy to highlight the complete lack of diversity surrounding names in songs, so great job Ed for doing something to address this most important of issues.


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