Daily Dose: ‘Little Willy’ by The Sweet

Aye, this is just the slightest bit annoying: I had wanted to slot something by ensemble octet Voces8 here, but I couldn’t find a copy of the song (‘Praetorius: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen’) to use for reference, so I’ve quickly reverted to a bit of music that was on one of the mythical tapes from my youth, and could not be more of a contrast to what I wanted to write about. The Sweet were a British glam rock band in the 70’s that had a sound that probably sounded dated even then, but at least produced some tunes that we can appreciate for their catchy silliness and resemblance to early 2000’s pop music. This was a non-album single originally, but made it onto their US debut before becoming a hit there (it made it to number three in the charts, one better than its height in the UK). I don’t know if willy is slang for male genitalia in the US like it is in blighty, and frankly I’m not sure how much influence these things have on the popularity of songs anyway. Let’s also face up to the fact that a lot of songs from that era/genre combination sounded basically the same anyway. The later history of the band is kinda interesting: they petered out at the end of the 70’s, but the two surviving members or the band operate their own different versions of sweet on two different continents to this day (guitarist Andy Scott’s in England and bassist Steve Priest’s in Los Angeles, I feel like he may have got the better of that deal). Anyway, this song is clearly very silly. I’d tell you to not take it seriously, but as that’s clearly impossible I’m not going to bother.


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