Daily Dose: ‘Little Star’ by Stina Nordenstam

This is pretty pleasant, if a little weird on the ears. Stina Nordenstam has that very ethereal, delicate, slightly alien voice that a fair few Scandanavian singers (she’s Swedish) have managed to successfully harness, and the result when applied to a light pop-rock/alternative rock song is quite nice. It definitely has some odd turns though, like the sudden outbreak of a saxophone solo from nowhere in the middle, which I’m not sure how to feel about, and a processed choir popping up near the back end unannounced. It was the nineties I guess, this stuff happened. It’s taken from and album called And She Closed Her Eyes (18th April, 1994) which was her second release, apparently mostly after she was a bit jazzy but before she got a bit dark. This song, in keeping with the slight bizarreness, rose to prominence when it featured in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, a movie that surprisingly kind of worked even though it had no business doing so. By the by, it was the middle release of what is known as Baz’s theatre based Red Curtain Trilogy, sandwiched ahead of the more famous Moulin Rouge! and behind the incomparably fantastic but less well known Strictly Ballroom (which is the best of the lot, and worth a watch if you haven’t seen it). This song, as well as growing on me with each time I hear it, is lovely late night music, if you don’t mind the oddness and the fact that it’s rooted firmly in the nineties. I don’t mind those things, in fact, I am those things.


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