Daily Dose: ‘Days Gone’ by Tor

This was something that was I found generally recommended on my trawling through the internet (cheers Moth Equals for the tip). It just goes to show, you should always follow the lead that looks interesting to your gut, and never be afraid to try new things, even if they were suggested by the amorphous terrifying hive mind that is the internet. The album, Blue Book (3rd June, 2016) is a solid piece of electronica from last year, generally operating in the downtempo or breakbeat styles, and if you like your music with a heady helping of zoned out introspection and tasty non-intensive percussive beats then I would suggest it to you. This is the clear highlight from the LP, which further reinforces how solid I think the album is because this track is outstanding. It’s based around that deceptively simple yet devastatingly effective hook, which has been stuck in my head all week, shepherded by some lovely percussion work that manages to be both busy and sanguine, which to me is somewhere near the pinnacle of the art. I sing along to vocal riff almost without realising it now, it’s that infectious. I’ve had it on repeat for a whole bunch today, and if anything I like it more, it’s just so…effortless, and the ambience and pleasantness doesn’t prevent me at all from wanting to move my body around a bit (but only a bit, mind you), in fact, it somehow encourages it. Fantastic track, intriguing album, here’s hoping that a bit more gets made.


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