Daily Dose: ‘Alice’ by The Underground Youth

I’m going to be doing all of this week in one go, because efficiency is great.

The Underground Youth know what they are about, and that is: goth. They’ve been going since Started in 2008 as the creative project of Craig Dyer, and I’d guess he’s a big fan of The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy. Indeed, this song is very 80’s gothic rock/post-punk, with a sprinkle of modern indie aesthetic thrown in for good measure. Problem for me is that I was never hugely into some of those bands the first time around, or really subsequently (Siouxsie and the Banshees is the big exception, but I view them as more alt-rock). So, this song appears to be dealing a lot with someone and their pretty face and how the singer never wants to see them again, which is probably the sort of thing you have to possess more emotional depth than I do to properly appreciate the emotion involved, I’m of the opinion that if their face was truly that pretty you’d actually be okay with maybe seeing it again. What did Alice do that was so awful, anyway? I suspect these thoughts were why I was always to fatalistically cheerful to be a proper goth, and why this sort of music probably was never meant for me. However, if you like dark psychedelia from Berlin that is very atmospheric and are a big fan of looking cinematically at the bleak landscape (confession: I do like doing this, so perhaps there’s hope for me yet), then this is definitely for you.


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