Daily Dose: ‘The Lost Sky’ by Jesca Hoop

I’ve heard a few Jesca Hoop things before, but never felt compelled to talk about them before because they didn’t really stand out that much to me. This stands out, because as far as I can remember she’s not gone full experimental chamber pop before and I think the results play to her strengths. Namely, her delicate, restrained guitar playing and her versatile, crystal clear but now ever so slightly creaking voice. She’s on Sub Pop now, and this is presumably part of a new album for them, Memories Are Now (10th February, 2017). What makes this song sound very stark in a sea of music is quickly apparent: the chord changes married to an unusual rhythm structure. Lots of people use or have used rhythm as a tool, or an instrument in both the musical and non-musical sense of the word, but this is still a really great example of it, and how more people could stand to play around with these concepts some more. On the other hand, repetition is a tool that I feel is slightly over-used in the music world, but it’s done wonderfully well here, obfuscated by the ever increasing complexity of the harmonies towards the end of the song, I suspect, based on the video, lyrics and song, to elicit a strong sense of Déjà vu, or “I’ve just been in this place before”. Perhaps alternate realities? It’s cool either way, and it’s a high quality example of songcraft from the base materials of bass, guitar and voice. Impressive.


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