Daily Dose: ‘Big Balloon’ by Dutch Uncles

This is kinda awesome, if you ask me. I’d not really got on the Dutch Uncles bandwagon before now, and I’m slightly worried that I may have been missing out. I guess English indie/math/art pop can be a very hit or miss proposition with me. This is some uptempo happiness condensed into just over three minutes with maximum effectiveness, with the added bonus of an absolutely sumptuous unexpected bassline. It’s seriously good fun, and the frantic nature combines with the earnest nature to make it quite weighty as well, while you wouldn’t describe it as “heavy” because of the vocals it still kinda has that vibe to it. Being sunny and intelligent is good, but lots of people are doing that. Being those things and being sharp and snappy to put a real spark in a listener is even better. It’s from their upcoming fifth album, also called Big Balloon (17th February, 2017), which will be going straight into my listen section as soon as it comes out. I hope it gets big, because if there’s a few more songs of this quality on there, then it will be a stormer. When the post chorus guitar fill/solo (which is great) is about the fourth or fifth thing that I notice about a song I know it’s gonna be one that sticks with me. You like pop music? Check this out, now.


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