Daily Dose: ‘Sparks’ by Overseer

Overseer, or Rob Overseer, born Robert George Howes, is am English DJ and producer who made most of his big noise in the early 2000’s. Big beat was in its heyday then, and Overseer’s tunes were the sort of fare that could be paired great with any trailer, advertisement, video game or film you’d care to mention, as well as any other media that you’d care to mention. He’s been quieter since we’ve entered the teen years, although he has released a couple of albums (as Kanute) alongside singer/songwriter Rachael Gray, the last one coming in 2014. As it happens, Rachel Gray is the voice providing the lovely, at time fragile vocals on this track, Overseer’s breakthrough hit. This was the first time that they worked together, and the song eventually appeared on his debut album Wreckage (September, 2003) most of which wound up in some television show or game or whatever. This song is very of its time, with its fuzzy bass, slow beat and somewhat dramatic style but doesn’t suffer much because of that (unless you really hated electronica in the early 2000’s, in which case it probably does). It doesn’t really feel as long as it is due to its very relaxed pace, and it’s a decent way to wind down after a long day. The vocals are neat as well, I’m glad they’ve been working together again.


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