Daily Dose: ‘Weightless’ by Neil Cowley Trio

This sticks out in the world of laid back experiential jazz, a mysterious world that I do not fully understand, because of its accessibility and refreshing placidity. Not a lot of jazz acts that I know do ambitious futuristic sounding concept albums about space and Arthur C. Clarke, so there’s a few originality points on offer for that as well. The album it’s from is called ‘Spacebound Apes’, and I’d recommend if you like ambience, jazz, space, and peace. It’s laid back, but there’s some fairly nifty piano, bass and percussion work going on in this track, even if I don’t fully understand all the artistic themes and cleverness involved. Hey, I’m fine with struggling a bit with the high concept if it’s still nice to listen to, which this is, and they can look as trendy as they want in the band photos with the fancy beards and minimalist shirts. Anyhoo, I like this track a bunch, I think Brian Eno-esque ambience toots paired with jazz musicians is something that I wouldn’t mind hearing more of. The result is vaguely trance like, but not quite dancy, more sort of…drifty. It’s got a sort of sci-fi throb to it as well, which is neat, if you’re big into spaceships but want to be nice and relaxed while you think of them. Neat change of pace, regardless.


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