Daily Dose: ‘Paths to the Foss’ by Tissø Lake

I don’t know anything about Tissø Lake, but he has a lovely distinct, deep voice and a relaxed, ambient approach to instrumentation, at least based on this track, so I can get behind that. Also, it turns out that he’s not a person, but a band, despite my opinion that it would be an ace name for a dude. Actually, it’s an Edinburgh based project led by Ian Humberstone, and this is from their fourth album, also called Paths to the Foss. I’m not sure what the Foss is, I think it’s the name of a bar in York for pretentious people who are a bit up themselves. The album came out on the back end of last year (17th December, 2016), and from the few songs I’ve heard it all sounds pretty spaced and pleasant, the musical equivalent of being out on a boat on the North Sea with clear skies and a light breeze blowing. I caught the back end of a track called ‘Adrift in Dream’ on a Stuart Maconies’s show, was intrigued, and decided to go searching. I didn’t find too much, but if you like low key alternative folk that combines ambient sounds and rustic vibes then this is worth a look. Also, they are apparently do some tape based work, which is always cool.


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