Daily Dose: ‘Song For a Young Queen’ by Chris Thile

Okay, let’s get all caught up!

Chris Thile is the very definition of a virtuoso. Considered by some to be the best mandolin player alive, he’s done a multitude of collaborations and projects throughout the years. His latest one, a self-titled album alongside jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, should be of extremely high quality, at least based on the one song that I’ve heard from it so far (‘The Watcher’, which sounded really exciting). In any case, I decided to go back and remind myself of Thile’s earlier work such as this and the album it’s from, which I believe was my breathtaking introduction to his work. Honestly, I can’t complement it enough, it’s really incredibly stirring stuff. The album in question is his third, Not All Who Wander Are Lost (October 9, 2001) and it’s absolutely freaking majestic. You may have a preconception of bluegrass music, and I can almost guarantee that listening to this track will at least alter that perception slightly, because it is a beautiful riot of a song. The album is pretty tasty as well, a kind of progressive swing at bluegrass that works fluently because of the sheer musical talent and songwriting ability on display. It is the sort of music that for me, really gets the imagination flowing and is a joy to work alongside. To say it moves at a brisk pace does not do it justice, and there are songs like ‘Riddles In The Dark’ that still are a gold standard for pushing the boundaries of unconventional or progressive acoustic music. If you like his stuff, also check out the band Nickel Creek, which he came to prominence as a member of.


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