Daily Dose: ‘Some Sunsick Day’ by Morgan Delt

Morgan Delt gets a bit freaky with us here, not so much that we feel all weirded out, just slightly, so we feel a bit zoned out and like an enormous trip could break out at any moment but hasn’t yet. Not quite at one with the universe, but perhaps getting towards taking the first step. Mr Delt, when he’s not marginally expanding horizons, hangs out in Los Angeles and presumably looks after his flowing golden surly locks. I can’t remember where I first heard this but it must have stirred something in me, because it went straight in the “to review” pile for later, and I’ll rarely turn my nose up at psychedelic pop tunes. It’s from an album called Phase Zero (26th August, 2016), which sounds a bit more serious than I expect the album actually is, but might be worth checking out if you were a big fan of C Duncan and all that crowd. As far as some throwback to the 60’s pop songs go, it’s quite restrained, almost so relaxing that it’s bordering on drowsy. It’s certainly not boring, but I found myself while still content, a little sleepy after listening to it a few times. That makes for a nice change actually, I’ve decided I like my alternative psychedelic noises to be extremely calming ever now and again. Like getting slightly buzzed, but without the tedious hassle of having to actually consume narcotics, which is something I’m going to strive for in my writing from henceforth.


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