Daily Dose: ‘Don’t Hold Anything Back’ by Communions

Got a huge treat coming up: Nick Hayes, notorious metal expert and beard that’s feared, has written a nice exploration into his five favourite albums of 2016, which he’s graciously allowed me to put up here, which I will do so when I catch up to last Sunday. My own list is complete (honest) and will follow the following week.

In other news, this is fantastic! The verse and bridge, if anything, set too high a bar, so that when the chorus kicks in, I am if anything slightly disappointed. This is clearly a false criticism, meant to display how highly I view the tune (especially that bridge, it’s delicious). When I came back to write about it today, I stopped it half way through, tripled the volume, and went back and told it to try it again from the top. It is exceptionally rare that I perform such sacrilege of stopping it half way through with new music, but this sounds just so damn exciting that I couldn’t help myself. Then I listened to it a few more times, just to be sure. They’re putting an album out in February 2017, and if it gives me goosebumps like this song does, it’s going to be an early highlight of the year. I just adore the earnest enthusiasm and lack of cynicism this brings, and I’m sure there’s plenty of time for me to get back to being miserable and moody later. After compiling my end of year lists, I’m starting to be of the opinion that indie pop could do with a bit of a spark, here’s hoping that these guys deliver some more top quality like this bridge.


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