Daily Dose: ‘Headfone’ by Stelouse

This was the second track from the illustration videos, which stuck out at me a bit because it’s cheery pop beats and bright bass spacing is not the sort of thing that I would usually listen to regularly but I always enjoy it when I do (see: Savant). This guy’s name is a bit silly though, it’s stylised as STéLOUSE with the intended pronunciation being STAY LOOSE (capitalisation taken direct from source) which makes it sound like someone is shouting at your over-excitedly. At least based on this music they’re doing so out of exuberance and not anger, which makes it more okay, and actually probably a pretty decent reflection of the sound. He appears to be a dude working out of Denver, Colorado, a place I would not have associated with this music, which freeing, if not especially weighty. Hey, Electronic Dance Music (Electronic Dad Music as Stelouse refers to it) doesn’t have to serious or meaningful when it’s this damn fun, check out tracks like ‘Call Me’ with Myrne on Soundcloud for more proof of this. This passes the enjoyment test with flying colours, which means I don’t really care about the “validity as art” questions, same I wouldn’t with any other song, really. It also encouraged creativity, which is amongst the highest praise I can bestow on it. Next up, something different to all the electronica, but a track that is nonetheless highly promising.


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