Daily Dose: ‘Friends’ by Notion and Elysian

Watched a couple of photo-realistic illustration videos online the other day. I’m certainly not an artist in the visual medium sense of the world, and I don’t remember how I got onto it, perhaps basketball, as there were a few videos of some of my favourite players, also with some decent tracks. This is the video with the song in question, a self-portrait. She’s very talented! And she has truly fantastic nail art. Anyway, I thought I’d talk about two of the songs that she featured, this one because it was my favourite one that I heard, the other because it’s a bit different to the sorts of electronic music I usually catch on to. This is a collaboration, which I always find neat and interesting, by buddies Paul Daniel and John Scheuermann, and it’s a relaxing cloud of joy to listen to. Give it a try, I urge you, as even if it does not come close to representing the tortured anguish in your soul, at least it might slightly soothe it for a while. Norton appears to provide the keys and Elysian the production work, based on their other offerings, all of which have been quite enjoyable to listen to so far. This has been the standout for me though, plus who doesn’t like friends? Friends are great, and so is this little tune. Allow your heart to be warmed a smidge.


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