Daily Dose: ‘Lacuna’ by Scarper

Onto my favourite of this series so far. ‘Lacuna’ is a sparkling joy that needs more attention than its getting. Its six minutes long and I wish it was even longer, in fact, I could do with it being twice as long or even a whole album worth, such is my enjoyment. It’s far from the most complicated thing in the world, but striving for a cross between Jean-Michel Jarre and Boards of Canada, as it feels like this track is doing, is a great way to get me invested in a piece of music. It would appear that Scarper is pretty fresh, and unfortunately while his handle sounds cool it’s not fantastic with regards to the digital age and search engines, but it does appear that he has an EP out from a few years ago called Unfurl, which I will devouring in full course, and hopefully is gearing up for an album of some kind because that would make me ecstatic. The think I like about this track is that, despite not doing too much in that downtempo manner, it gradually builds and constructs itself elegantly and enjoyably, before culminating in the blissful release that is the final third of the track. Are you feeling wound up? This will mellow you out, I hope. It certainly leaves me feeling pretty chilled. Make some more, please.


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