Daily Dose: ‘BMX Bonus Beats’ by Lockah

This manages to combine minimalism, funkiness and quirky retro sounds in a manner that I deem impressive. It’s a fairly simple bass riff at its core, though the infectiousness of it is undeniable, augmented by eighties inspires bloops and trills. It’s got more than a slice of Chicago house to it, and the drums are friendly, prominent and non-intensive. Lockah, real name Tom Banks, hails from Aberdeen, but now operated out of Brighton, which was practically designed from the ground up with this sort of music in mind. I respect anyone who is prepared to dedicate multiple tracks to his bicycle, as Lockah has done: this is from a two track combo called ‘Bike Tracks’, which leaves you in little doubt as to the inspiration, unless it’s a carefully planned and executed bait and switch. I don’t ride a bicycle, and I’ve never rode a BMX, so I’m clearly unqualified to comment on this track, but I will say that it’s managed to retain its sense of fun and easy listening, I’ve had it on repeat a whole bunch today and not got sick of it yet (others people mileage may vary). A bit of cheap fun may have never hurt anybody, but next up is something that I really love.


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