Daily Dose: ‘Spokes of Uridium’ by Chrome Hoof

Let’s get weird for a bit. I can’t remember where I first heard this, on account of it languishing in my upcoming pile while I was in France, but its endearing kookiness and commitment to being as strange as possible really stuck out to me. Chrome Hoof are described as an experiential chamber rock orchestra, which is a bold mission statement, but there’s quite a lot of jazz going on here as well, and it’s surprisingly minimalist at points for a band that contains around ten people. I’ve got no real idea what’s going on with it in any more detail that that (it’s been described as progressive, futuristic and psychedelic, and mixing all those things together in such a high quantity can lead to confusion), but it passes the “is it fun” test with flying colours, which is the most important thing. It’s from an album called Pre-Emptive False Rapture (2007), which I imagine comes with a health warning. Also they all wear sparkly silvery cowls and robes, which is a band related fashion statement that I’m a big fan of. The song is eight minutes long and fairly intense, but I can definitely promise you that you won’t be bored during it. A good track to rattle in the New Year at pace while covered in oil and dancing maniacally. Give it a blast if you’re feeling brave.


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