Daily Dose: ‘Defying Gravity’ by Gramatik

Okay, I’m back! Took the whole Christmas week off from the world. Truly, it is the worst week of the year for getting anything done. After that I’ve been travelling, but I am now back at the comfort of my home. I had a few pieces written and ready to go so I’ll send those out today, then perhaps a bigger catch-up tomorrow.

Shazamed this in a outdoor store in a fancy French outlet centre. No seriously, it was really nice, English outlet centres are pretty average places to spend time by comparison, at least architecturally. I actually tried to get a couple of songs but sadly the first one cut out on me, lost to the ages. Anyway, Denis Jašarević, known as Gramatik, is a Slovenian-American electronic music producer, originally from Portorož (the port of roses, isn’t that nice?), Slovenia. He hangs on in New York City now, where a lot of the cool kids chill, and has been around the block for a while in the electronica/downtempo/instrumental hip hop business. He’s part of the new trend of uplifting electronic musicians that largely give their music away for free, which is a model I love, and I’m happy to give him whatever teeny-tiny bump in pub I can provide. I’m also happy because this track is total gold, and I’m glad I twigged on it at first, because it’s far better with headphones than I remember it being in a store. It’s from and album called No Shortcuts (2010), which I’m gonna slap on and listen to the next time I want to be at my most chilled, because that what this music is, a neat bunch of positive vibes.


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