Daily Dose: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ by Wham!

(Or, the verb so nice they did it twice).

It’s funny, me and my dad were looking up Wham! just a couple of days ago, although we were more curious about Andrew Ridgeley, to be honest (did you know he was married to Keren Woodward of Bananarama? Because I didn’t). With George Michael suffering heart failure this Christmas, he’s all that remains of surprisingly short lived sensational pop duo. Speaking of which, all of the people who made all the jokes about giving away their heart à la ‘Last Christmas’ must be seriously peeved about using all the best material too early. Just goes to show, you should be careful what you say unless you want another celebrity to keel over and die. This is the song of his that I know best, because it was on a cassette that my family had in their car when I was younger, and it’s a pretty good pop song! It also was the basis for my most popular joke on the internet ever, so I sincerely thank you for that, George Michael. But yeah, as cheesy pop music from the eighties goes, this is probably as good as it gets, so appreciate it for that. As for Michael, he earned a lot of money from the incredible success that was Wham!, but he was reportedly quite generous with it, which is always neat. He gave free concert tickets to NHS nurses and did a benefit concert for miners, which marks him out as a good guy in my book. There was all the drugs and public sex as well, but hey, why not have a real good time while you’re it, that’s what I say. If your heart is going to give out, at least have it go from partying too hard, making some seminal pop tunes on the way. Good on ya, Mr Michael.


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